If you have raced with us before and would like to get on the Racers page, please send an email with a picture of you on the track along with a breif description of your race scoot(s) and/or moped(s) to angus@pacificscooterracing.com.



John GoldenJohn Golden #101

Home town: Hillsboro, OR

Scooter: Stock – P200 with modified JL Right Hand Pipe

Brian Noji #68

Home town: Tacoma,WA via Honolulu,HI

Scooter: Automatic – ’87 Honda Elite 50, JDM Dio conversion disc brake and motor, Malossi MHR rep 72cc kit, 24mil OKO carb, MSP Taiwan race exhaust

Angus Muir #13

Home town: White Rock, BC, Canada

Scooter: Mod Under 190 – Largeframe Vespa chop-job, custom drop bars, shortened fork stem, disc brake w/ remote master, Bitubos front & rear, 30mil OKO carb, VForce 3 reed, long stroke crank, Vespatronic ignition & flywheel, Malossi 166 cylinder, ScootRS pipe, TT92’s

Scooter: Mod Over 190 – Vespa Allstate, custom drop bars, disc brakes front & rear, 30mil Delorto carb, Malossi reed, HP4 flywheel, long stroke crank, Malossi 210 cylinder, Vintage 226 Hotwing pipe

Scooter: Automatic – Liquid cooled Derbi Predator, 65cc Metrakit cylinder, 24mil Mikuni carb, Malossi variator, Malossi CDI, Hebo Clutch, Ecologic pipe,

Moped: Jawa 210 with a bitchin’ custom copper reed manifold, CR80 reed, Delorto 20/20 downdraft carb from a PX125, custom pipe, CDI made from TV parts

Patrick Fitzgibbons #16

Home town: Portland, OR

Scooter: Mod under 190 – Vespa ’77 50 Special, Cylinder inducted (ported) Malossi 140 – GS piston, matched MMW head w/ a 39mm Keihin PWK carburetor, Tassinari v-force3 reeds on a custom manifold, Ludwig & Scherer ’55 race exhaust, Numerous different clutches out of necessity(ended up with a 5plate). 54mm stroke/105mm rod crank, Vespatronic ignition.

Bob Hansen #808

Home town: Portland, OR

Moped: 1996 Puch Korado with Polini 64cc reed valve & Techno Estoril expansion chamber

 J.J. Herzog #22

Home town: Portland, OR

Scooter:  Mod under 190 – Vespa smallframe 50 special, 135 cc Parmakit cylinder, 34 tmx mikuni, vforce reeds, vsp race pipe, pk fork with disc brake, clauss studios urethane swingarm bushings.

Scooter:  Mod under 190 -Vespa smallframe 50 special, AF1 polini rotax water cooled cylinder, 54/105 mm full circle crank. (154 cc.) Mikuni tmx 38mm, vforce reeds, custom pipe, PK fork, disc brake, SIP shocks,

Moped: 1979 motobecane. Av10 polini race cases, polini 70cc cylinder, 4 petal reed, Mikuni 24mm carb, doppler pipe, doppler variator, mykitech clutch pulley, Honda mb5 fork and wheels.

Moped: Batavus Grand prix frame and bodywork, Derbi Variant Revolution flat reed engine, metrakit 70 cc cylinder, Motomatic pipe, Mikuni 28mm carb, vforce 8 petal reeds, Malossi variator, Selettra ignition,  EBR forks, disc brake.JJJ

Jamie Raupp #74

Home town: Portland, OR

Scooter: Mod under 190 – 2003 Stella, DR 177 kit, ScootRS JL copy

Dayn Longlade #76

Home town: Vancouver BC, Canada

Scooter: Mod under 190 – Veapa Blue Badge ss90 Rep., Cylinder: FALC 51/60, Crank: Mazz 54mm, Carb: Keihin 36mm, Exhaust: Hammerzombie, Clutch: DaynSpeed 14 spring system, 4 Polini Plates, DRT Top plate, Gearing: Stock 4 speed, Pinasco 24/72 Aluminum Primary, Ignition: Vespatronic, Other: EGT controlled Power Jet in carb, DaynSpeed seat, throttle and Gear pulleys, Bar and frame sliders.

Drat Diestler #58

Home town: Portland, OR

Scooter: Stock – Vespa P200, Vintage 226 Hotwing pipe

Brad Coates #66

Home town: Nanimo, BC via Puallyup, WA via Vancouver, BC

Scooter: Mod over 190 – Lambretta with lots of goodies and bells and whistles and tricks and gimmicks (description to be submitted by owner)

Jen Smith #79

Home town: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Scoot: Stock – Vespa P200, ScootRS Pipe

Sean Gareau #X

Home town: Portland, OR

Scooter: Mod under 190 – P200 frame of unknown vintage, heavily modified VNB engine w/ Malossi 166 kit, Prima pipe, JB Weld, Gorilla tape, Safety wire, hope, etc..

Josh G. #08

Home town: Portland, OR

Scooter: Mod under 190 – 1980 Vespa Primavera ET3, PK VMX engine w’ stuff & other stuff (still building)

Moped: 1980 Vespa Si, 65cc Polini, Custom intake, Tillotson HL360, Simonini Especiale

Eric Sabatino #04

Home town: Portland, OR

Scooter: Mod under 190 – Vespa 90 w/ Malossi kit, custom reed intake, 26mm PHVL carb, Parmakit ignition, Leovince wheelie popper exhaust. Terrible front suspension.

Moped: Peugeot 103 w/ experimental 1977mopeds 80cc cyl, doppler exhaust, reed intake, malossi multivar, 21mm phbg carb, peug stock cdi ignition.

Jordi Rabassa #41

Home town: Vancouver, BC Canada

Scooter: Mod under 190 – Vespa small frame (description from owner to be submitted)

Ali Yea #70

Home town: Vancouver, BC Canada

Scooter: Super Stock – Vespa P200 (description from owner to be submitted)

Glenn Daigle #171

Home town: Vancouver, BC Canada

Scooter: Mod under 190 – 100 sport smalframe. Skipper disk brake and fork. Bitubo shocks, Cylinder inducted (ported) Malossi 136  with  25mm dellorto PHB carburetor. Some twisty pipe.  Original clutch! 12 volt electroni stator w/ HP4 flywheel.

Josh Ilott #12

Home town: Nanimo, BC Canada

Scooter: Mod under 190 – Crazy Italjet dragster (description from owner to be submitted)

Philip Patrie #117

Home town: Portland, OR

Moped: Various (description from owner to be submitted)

                                               Jason Bailly #777

Hometown: Portland, OR

Scooter: Mod Under 190 – 1970 Vespa Primavera (Smallframe). Early 50S 4-speed case. Malossi 136. Cylinder inducted reed valve from Parmakit w/ rigged manifold. Keihin PWK35 carb. VSP race pipe. Some clutch mods. PK fork with Bitubo shock, full hydro disk, master cylinder mounted on drop bars. Machined down P200 stator with HP4 flywheel.


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