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24 01 2020

What’s on the table:

Hey everyone, a few of us are looking at attending the following Casacadia Mini Moto events:

May 30-31 MAC track McMinnville, Oregon

August 29-30 Also at MAC track McMinnville, Oregon

October 3-4 @ TBD but I have a feeling it will be out in Tri cities/ Richland, Washington

Day one of each of these events are Sprint races. Usually two 6 to 8 lap races divided by classes with a bit of practice in the morning.

Day two is the endurance race. Teams of up to 6 riders per bike take turns putting down laps for 6 hours with a half hour break in the middle. Usually a bit of practice before hand. All classes run at the same time. Le Mans start = fun.

Where we are at:

We can have our own class if we have the numbers. Specifically we need 5 racers for the sprint races and 3 teams for the endurance race to get our own scooter class.

Currently we have 3 scooter teams for the endurance portion but are light on riders.

The same 3 scooters will be raced during the sprint races so we are a couple of racers short there too.

What you need to know:

Racing is awesome!

If you have the gear we can probably fit you on an endurance team. The club comes from supermoto so the gear requirements are quite reasonable compared to other organizations.

No racing experience necessary! BUT it would be good if you know how to ride a vintage scooter.

Bring your own bike to maximize fun at the sprint races or better yet pull together your own team for the endurance portion! Track prep is pretty minimal.

Camping at the track is cool.

How did we get here?

Last year we put together a team and built a series specific 100cc Vespa. After cutting our teeth at the first event (read it was a disaster) we rallied for the final event and put in over 300 laps! Combined with the points from our first poor performance we had enough to take our class for the series! Yay Scooters!


It sucks but it happens and it’s ok. Ideally it’s better to ride in your comfort zone even if its slow and not crash because crashing takes time away from putting laps down. If it does happen it’s not the end of the world as we have parts, teammates to help and if all else fails usually a back-up bike. Your safety gear is there to protect you from serious injury. I like to think of it as the sport part of motorsports.


Scooter racing is ridiculous and super fun. This is a great way to get into it and will likely be the most fun you have had on a scooter in years.

The endurance portion is a great way to start. It’s less manic than the sprint races and a lot of seat time to find your rhythm. Consistency is key here, often the top teams are not the fastest but the most consistent. They are just always out there continuously putting down lap after lap.

Being part of a team is fun. Your teammates are there to help you gain confidence with pointers and tips. Our formula was to go out, find a comfortable quick pace and stick with it and probably most importantly, come in when you get tired. We had some riders do 20 minute stents while others were out for more than an hour.


If you have read this far you are probably more interested than you realize. So give us a shout by posting here or by sending us a PM and we will find a spot for you or help you in whatever way we can to get you out on the track.


3 05 2018

aaand we’re back! Sort of… it’s a small but realistic 2 event mini season:


Round 1, Saturday June 9, Richland, WA

Round 2, Sunday August 19, Vancouver/Chilliwack, BC – GMR

Starting off on a new (to us) track that looks amazing. Hosted by the gracious Cascadia Super Moto!

Just over a month to dust off your bike and leathers. So get at’er!

More specific info for the first race here including fees and race day schedule:

Click to access Cascadia-Supermoto-Rule-Book-and-Information-2018.pdf

15 08 2014



Round 4 at PIR is CANCELLED!!!

See you in September.

11 05 2014



Round 2, June 22, Redding, CA – Shasta Portland/McMinnville, OR – MACK – NEW LOCATION

3 03 2014

2014 West Coast Challenge

The schedule for our 5th official season is now finalized. This year we have a real mix of tracks including a new one for us in Redding, California. With races in all 3 costal States (Sorry Alaska) and one Canadian province, season 5 will be a true West Coast Challenge!

Here are the dates:

Round 1, Sunday May 4, Portland/McMinnville, OR – MACK
Round 2, June 20-22, Redding, CA – Shasta
Round 3, Monday July 7, Seattle/Shelton, WA – The Ridge
Round 4, August 16-17, Portland, OR – PIR
Round 5, September 14, Vancouver/Chilliwack, BC – GMR

4 12 2013

Congratz to our class winners Guido (Super Mod) and Garrett (Mod)!


While you are here click on the link and voice your opinion on what you want to see for next years season. http://pnwsra.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=326

11 06 2013

Points from round 2 are posted:

and round 3 event created:

5 05 2013

So round 1 was a success! With most of the grid actually finishing (except for myself). The weather was a bit questionable but worked out in the end. A big thank you goes out to Garrett for setting this all up and to WAMRRA for graciously allowing us to tag along and do our thing!

So here is how it went down:

1 #73 Guido (the 5 speed menace)
2 #83 Garret
3 #16 Patrick
4 #777 Jason
5 #14 Amil

The next round is only 3 weeks away so gear up!

Check out the results page for current points status:

19 03 2013

Aaaaannnnd we’re back!

Round 1, Sunday April 28th, The Ridge, Shelton, WA
Round 2, Sunday May 26th, The Ridge, Shelton, WA
Round 3, Sunday June 23rd, GMR, Chilliwack, BC
Round 4, Sunday July 14th, The Ridge, Shelton, WA
Round 5, August 17th-18th, MAC, McMinnville, OR
Round 6, Sunday Sept 1st, The Ridge, Shelton, WA

Round 7, Weekend of 18th-20th October, Buttonwillow, CA

2013 promises to be bigger and better than ever. With 4 dates at the infamous Ridge this year we hit the big time. Bigger track, bigger thrills and higher speeds!

That’s not the only thing that’s changing. This year we will be scoring 2 rounds per race day. So if you kill your scooter in the second round, you’ll still walk away with points from the first.

Also we are breaking things up a bit with the classes. New for this year is Mod and Super Mod.

Mod is all the non bridged exhaust port, cast iron kits under 200cc. Think the old school Polini and Malossi kits we all grew up with.

Supper mod is all the new alloy kits and some of your old favorites. Your Falc’s, Quattrini’s, ali Malossi 172’s and TS1’s etc. plus anything over 200cc goes here.

11 12 2012

Hey! Unless the end of the world does happen next week 2013 will happen so we should talk about the race schedule. Please join the conversation here: http://pnwsra.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=322

3 12 2012

Well after reviewing the results that I could find/remember I feel ok about posting up the winners… well for the main event anyway.

1st Johnny #101
2nd Jason #777
3rd Dayn #76

Congratz to Andrea and Amil who came in 4th & 5th respectively.

The full results are on the results page and I reserve the right to be completely wrong so please let me know if I am.

Looking forward to 2013 but I’ll post more on that later.



6 11 2012

Due to a low potential turnout it looks like Buttonwillow may not be worth the trip. Just in case there is a hidden hord of racers planing to head down this weekend you should contact the ASRA first.

7 07 2012

Round 2 at The Ridge

Hey all you speed demons, here’s the perfect event to get into 4th gear. We will be racing on the full sized road course at the Ridge in Shelton Washington.

This isn’t for scoots that can’t break 55mph. Time to up-gear your tranny (scooter not cross dresser) and get ready for some real fast cornering.

Being a full sized track we haven’t decided if this event will be for points but it will definitely be for bragging rights. No matter what it will be tonnes of fun.

Address: 1060 W Eells Hill Rd, Shelton, WA, 98584

Tech 7:00am
Practice: 8:45am
Race One: 11:05am
Lunch: 12-1pm
Race Two: 4:30pm
Sunday July 15th, 2012

Camping is available the night before, but nothing special. Most likely just camping at the pit area.

For those coming Saturday night, the owner of the track has offered to give a walk through to get an idea of the corners etc. This will happen between 7pm and 7:30pm.

26 02 2012

HEY YOU WITH THE SCOOTER AND/OR MOPED! YEAH YOU! Get out and Race! There is a bunch of local and regional racing happening so your excuses are wearing thin….

On that note here it is …. at long last … the official 2012 WEST COAST CHALLENGE!


Round 1 April 14&15 MAC, Mcminville, OR
Round 2 June TBD PGP Kent, WA
Round 3 August TBD PIR Portland, OR
Round 4 September 22&23 GMR, Chilliwack, BC
Round 5 November 9,10&11 BKT Buttonwillow, CA

This year we are spacing out the racing to help promote the local racing scenes in each of the participating cities. Check out the local racing in your area, cut your teeth and get ready for the challenge!

To cap the year off we are taking on the ENTIRE WEST COAST! North & South California ASRA participants will face off against the PSRA for TOTAL COASTAL DOMINANCE! One for the history books and one you won’t want to miss. Definitely worth the drive!

You know the score now SETTLE IT!

25 02 2012

Congratulations to all of our racers on another successful season!

Check out the results page for a breakdown of all the class winners.

A big congratulations to Jason our Rookie of the year award winner and thank you to our sponsor Ludwig & Scherer for sponsoring this award!


We would also like to thank our sponsor of the year P-Town for all of their support!

The 2012schedule is almost out so stay tuned!

19 09 2011

Last Race of the 2011 Season!

Come on out for the last race of the 2011 season. All of the classes are up for grabs so there is sure to be some intense racing action! This is a great track and your last chance to get your feet wet (hopefully not literally) this year! Awards and prizes will be given out following the races on Sunday.

Date: Oct 15 & 16
Location: MAC Track
Facebook: Event

14 06 2011

The Race is on! The first cup race is already behind us and we are fast approaching the 2nd. Check out the results from the first race here: 2011 Race Results

10 02 2011

The 2011 CUP is here! Grab your friends, build a bike, and come out for a season of racing that will be talked about in a pub near you for years to come. “Remember when”….THIS IS WHEN! DO IT!


10 02 2011

We’re looking to update the “Racers” page.

We would like to upgrade the “Racers” page of our site with current photos and mini bios. If anyone has a picture of themselves out on the track that they would like to add to this page please email it to me along with your name (or nickname), home town and a short blurb about your scooter or moped. For racers already on this page, if you want to send an updated photo or whatever please do so. If you don’t have a photo of yourself racing then send a related photo of you or your race bike. The only qualification to get on this page is that you must have at least one race under your belt.

Check out some great pic’s of PSRA in action on Flickr…

Thanks to Mr. Allen for posting these great pictures.

Happy New Year! The 2011 race season is here!

Ok maybe it’s not quite here yet, but soon baby soon. In the next couple of months we will be putting together the schedules for the 2011 Cup Series and local racing in your area. Check back soon to see further updates on this exciting new season. In the mean time, now is the time to be tweaking out your race scoot and doing any major rebuilds that need to be done.

If you’re jonzing to get out on your race scoot and can’t wait for the 2011 season to begin there are still three Winter Series races left at PGP; January 16, February 20 and March 20. Check out PGP under the Tracks heading.

Attention new racers!

Now is the time to put together a race scoot or moped. The 2011 race season will be here before you know it. We want to see lots of new faces out out on the track next year. Check out our FAQ Page for newbie racers, buy an old set of leathers off Craig’s List and get ready for a great season of racing in 2011!

PSRA gets a new logo for Christmas…

Many thanks go out to Morgan Muir for providing his creative design services. We look forward to using our new logo for race banners, stickers, t-shirts and misc shwag. (C) PSRA Intellectual Property now!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas is almost here. Be sure to ask Santa for that cylinder kit or disc brake for your race scoot. New Year’s resolution…make it out to all the PSRA Cup Events this year. Soon the days will be getting longer and the track surface will be getting warmer. See you in 2011!

PSRA racer Brian Nogi making a big impression at PGP.

We’ve all given our heads a scratch as Brian passes us on his automatic Honda Elite. Now the Supermoto boys at PGP are doing the same thing. Check out this recent article on him here. It just goes to show that when it comes to engine size, it’s the skills that pay the bills. Way to take scooter racing to a new level Brian!

2010 Season a Wrap!

The 2010 season officially wrapped up with the last cup race at Pat’s Acres in Portland. It was a gorgeous weekend with clear skies, colourful leaves and fast action on the track. After racing, awards were handed out to top point getters. Good work racers, looking forward to the 2011 Cup series and more great local racing!

Cheers from PSRA

7 02 2011

The local racing schedules for each area have been posted. Check it out and hit a track in your area soon!


1 11 2010

Good work this year everyone!

20 07 2010

Race # 4 is coming up this weekend at PGP in the Seattle area (Kent).

The points have been updated so check them out on the points page.

Also the rules have been posted, but posting them so close to the race date we realize that some flexibility is in order so don’t sweat it. If you have any questions post them on the forum or bring you stuff out to the track on Sunday, we want people to come out so…come out and race!



13 05 2010

Round 2 This weekend May 14th to 16th

This weekend will be the 2nd round of the PNWSRA Cup. Come out and check out the action at MACK Track located in scenic McMinnville, OR just south of Portland.

23 04 2010

Racing this weekend! April 24th & 25th

There are two events happening this weekend for local racing in both the Vancouver, BC And Portland, OR areas.

Vancouver, BC


136 Dyke Rd
Chilliwack, BC

    Date & Time :

Sunday April 25th
Gates open at 8:00 am
Racing Starts at 12:00 pm

Portland, OR


2070 NE Lafayette Ave.
McMinnville, OR

    Date & Time :

Saturday April 24th
Practice Starts at 1:00 pm

Sunday April 25th
Gates open at 7:00 am
Practice at 9:00 am
First Heat starts 9:30am
First Main starts 12:00pm

Get out and race!

13 04 2010

PSRA @ PIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not an official cup event but a great chance to try out an amazing track.

Here’s the skinny:

Demonstration Races

Saturday May 1st

Tech inspection 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Practice 11:00-11:30.
Race 11:30-12:00.

Outside pits, drag strip area, Portland International Raceway.
Normal gate entry plus $20 donation to 2-wheel oriented charity fund.

Must pass technical inspection including boots, gloves, full coverage gear (two piece ok but must full zip), back protector, and helmet Snell 2000 minimum.


Parade Laps

Sunday, May 2nd

Tech inspection 10:30-11:00 a.m.
Parade Laps 11:30 a.m.

Normal gate entry plus $10 donation to 2-wheel oriented charity fund.

Must pass technical inspection including boots, gloves, full coverage gear, full-face helmet Snell 2000 or newer.

Bike must pass hot tech inspection with motor running. No fluid drips, good tires, functioning brakes and proper throttle return required.

Regulated by AHRMA lead rider. These are parade laps, not taste of racing.

Three full laps of Portland International Raceway.


Bike Show

Sunday, May 2nd

Entries accepted until 1:00 p.m., awards at 2:00 p.m.

Outside pits near bleachers, Portland International Raceway.

Free with normal gate entry to the event. Show your bike and watch the races.

All pre-1980: Best British, Best European, Best Asian, Best American, Best Scooter, and President’s Choice.

http://www.oregonvintage.org or contact chappelle928@msn.com

For more event information check out: http://www.portlandahrmaclassic.com

8 04 2010

The official word for April 11th is:

Plan to
Gates open @ 8
Track goes hot @ 9
Practice will until Noon
Break for lunch
Heats start @ 1pm 6 laps per class
Racing will start afterwords 8 laps per class
Things should wrap up by 5

This is a CUP event so
points scored at this event will count towards that.

Track fees
Spectators likely… around $5
Nope we don’t see a penny of any
of it, it all goes to the track.

If you have never raced or
watched racing keep in mind there is really nothing there so bring
everything with you including Water (you will sweat even on cold
day…well unless you are joy riding) and Food.

Spectators, It’s
not a bad idea to bring something to sit on (good advice for riders

Imagine spending a day in a parking lot in the middle of
nowhere and plan accordingly.

See you there. Bring your friends!

24 03 2010

PIR/AHRMA event is go!

On May 1st 2010 the PSRA is going to hit PIR…Yep the big track!

It will be a big crowd, non points even but with luck and a good turnout this will be just the beginning!

Patrick has been working hard on this one, so book the time off now and plan on being there.

For more info check out Patrick’s forum post: PSRA@PIR

24 02 2010

2010 Cup

The 2010 Cup dates have been finalized. Each month racers from the Seattle, Portland and Vancouver BC, areas will meet at a one track to compete in the 2010 cup series. With 4 tracks and 7 races running form April till October the 2010 Race season will be one to remember. So mark your calendars, quit your job, get your stuff ready and come on out and race.

Here is the 2010 Cup Schedule:

Race 1 April 11th Seattle, PGP
Race 2 May 15th & 16th Portland, MAC
Race 3 June 13th Vancouver, GMR
Race 4 July 25th Seattle, PGP
Race 5 Aug 7th & 8th Portland, PARC
Race 6 Sept. 5th Vancouver, GMR
Race 7 Oct 16th & 17th Portland, PARC

Check out the track page for more track info: Tracks
Also see the 2010 Cup Page for info and updates: 2010 Cup

18 01 2010

Check out the latest issue of Scoot magazine featuring the PSRA:


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