2011 Cup

The 2011 race season is here!

Cup Race 1,  May 28 & 29,  Vancouver, BC,  GMR
Cup Race 2,  June 24, 25 & 26,  Portland, OR,  PIR
Cup Race 3,  July 16,   Seattle, WA,  PGP   Cancelled
Cup Race 4,  Aug 20&21,  Seattle, WA,  PGP Cancelled
Cup Race 5,  Sept 3 & 4,  Medford, OR,  MED
Cup Race 6,  Oct 15 & 16,  Portland, OR,  MAC

That’s right folks the Cascadia Cup is back and this year we are going BIG! Yeah like really BIG with the second race at the famous Portland International Raceway (PIR). This year we are hitting the big time, racing on the FULL TRACK! Super low fees and no excuses for all the big power scooter riders out there about taking on a small track. It doesn’t get much better than that or does it….

This year we will also have a not to be missed race for coastal dominance against the infamous Cali boys of the ASRA! That’s right, both organizations will meet at the middle ground of Medford, OR for this epic event of north vs south (with some Canadians to boot!)

All this and more 2 day events, 3 more tracks, more track time, no conflicting local dates and more fun! So get out there with your local crew and practice up for the main event! The Cascadia Cup is coming and 2011 is the one people will be talking about in the years to come, don’t think to yourself “ah I’ll do it next year” F that! THIS IS THE YEAR MOFO!


The 2010 Cup page has not been deleted it was just moved here so if you want to refer back to last year’s schedule…

2010 Cup

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