Group-M (Moped) Rules

1. Frame

a) Frame must consist of at least 50% of an original moped frame. Alteration to engine mounts, frame supports and braces, swingarm, suspension mounts, tank, ect. are allowed but full custom frames are prohibited.
b) Suspension is open.
c) Brakes are open.
d) Bike must pass safety inspection on each race day.
e) Wheels can be 14″ diameter or larger and can be of any width.
f) Tires can be of any commercial type.
g) Pedals not required.

2. Engine and Transmission

a) Engine casing must be from a moped or in the spirit of original moped engine (i.e. E-50 kickstart engines, Tomos kickstart engines), not a manual shift version of a moped engine (Sachs 505 2/A, Puch Monza engines). Welding, alterations, machining, and redesign of transmission are acceptable. Aftermarket replacement cases are also acceptable.
b) Cylinder types are unrestricted
c) Carb type and size are unrestricted.
d) Displacement must be less than 100cc
e) Transmission modifications are open but must remain fully automatic in operation. No manual clutches, no manual shifting. On the fly gearing changes on a CVT type transmission is permissible but it must be proven that the system fully variates while gearing override is not in use (i.e. launch levers on Motobecane and Peugeot transmissions).
f) Exhaust type and design is open.
g) Ignition systems are open.
h) Fuel type will be restricted to gasoline. High octane and racing gasoline are allowed. Alcohol, Nitro, NOS, and other types of fuel or fuel additives are prohibited.
i) Oil type is unrestricted.
j) Exhaust must have a silencer.

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